Knex Public Trashcan!! =P

Introduction: Knex Public Trashcan!! =P

About: Hi everyone! I'm Aleceatsfood also know as Alec. To start off I've been a knex'er for quite some time. Although I've come up with dumbsquat for knex, I've built many things. I'm done with knex and moving on. …

ok everyone I know this is totally worthless but its o.k. so yah heres just some pics. I took it apart already but i guess it works so hey, might as well post some pictures!
Please if you hate or dislike please just don't post a comment! thanks =D

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    Surely it would collapse or topple under weight (depending on the contents of the bag).


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hmmm duno all i've ever put in it was 2 tissus but that could be possible.....i dont know