Introduction: K'nex Ratchet Tool

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Here is my latest invention, a K'nex Ratchet tool, i saw nobody had posted one so i decided to make one myself.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list:

-- Rods:
16 Green
10 White
1 Blue

-- Conectors:
8 Green
17 Grey
2 Orange
1 Tan Clip

Step 2: Build the Base

Build your "Base" With 8 Green Rods and the 8 Green Connectors.

Step 3: Add the White Rods

Attach 8 White rods to your base.

Step 4: Build the Back of the Base

Build the back of the base.

Step 5: Attach the Back of the Base

Attach your part from last step and add the Grey Connectors to hold it on.

Step 6: Build and Add the Ratchet Holder

Build the Stick and put it in the hole of the White Connetector.

Step 7: Add the Ratchet and Handle

Add the White Connector and the white rods, then add the Tan Clip, and add the 2 Orange Connectors.