K'nex Ratchet Tool

Introduction: K'nex Ratchet Tool

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Here is my latest invention, a K'nex Ratchet tool, i saw nobody had posted one so i decided to make one myself.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list:

-- Rods:
16 Green
10 White
1 Blue

-- Conectors:
8 Green
17 Grey
2 Orange
1 Tan Clip

Step 2: Build the Base

Build your "Base" With 8 Green Rods and the 8 Green Connectors.

Step 3: Add the White Rods

Attach 8 White rods to your base.

Step 4: Build the Back of the Base

Build the back of the base.

Step 5: Attach the Back of the Base

Attach your part from last step and add the Grey Connectors to hold it on.

Step 6: Build and Add the Ratchet Holder

Build the Stick and put it in the hole of the White Connetector.

Step 7: Add the Ratchet and Handle

Add the White Connector and the white rods, then add the Tan Clip, and add the 2 Orange Connectors.

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks. The reason you have never seen one before is because no one has ever made one before i don't think.


9 years ago on Introduction

Thank you. If you want to see how i edit my photos check out my instructable on using GIMP, you can find it either in the photography contest or in my profile. You are right you can only spin it in one direction and not in the other, you can do 1 or more whites for the ratchet part and it will make it harder to spin and stronger, i like 2 whites because it is fairly easy to spin and still very strong.

dr. richtofen
dr. richtofen

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

A, ok. I saw your GIMP ible, but I must say, I don't use something to edit mine. Though I can try it to resize the pictures I upload. (large photos=long upload time)

dr. richtofen

Very good instructions, good photo quality, and a part list. I haven't built it (almost all my pieces are in a gun right now), but am I correct in that you can spin the 'wheel' in one direction, but not in the other? And does it make a clicking noise, like some children toys? I want to rate it 4* for the quality of the instructable, but I can't see the rating stars.


9 years ago on Introduction

This is my second instructable so please give me ideas on how i can improve.