Knex Rbg Pistol

Introduction: Knex Rbg Pistol

About: hi I'm knexpufferfish and i am in 8th grade, and i like building with knex and legos. I mostly build model guns that don't shoot, but i sometimes make a functioning gun.

Simple trigger mechanism
Okay range with good rubber bands
Easy to make

Cannot be made into a semi automatic
Breaks rubber bands ( I had weak ones that snapped after 10 shots)

Step 1: Trigger and Handle

This is the trigger and handle follow the pics and you should be okay.

Step 2: Barrel Start

The easiest step, make two barrel segments and connect them to the handle, this evens the barrel out so you can attach the barrel without a hitch.

Step 3: Barrel

The hardest step make all the segments and connect them. ( the red rods that come out of the bottom are optional the just add a secondary handle.

Step 4: Bands and Firing

Put a band around the trigger, put a band on the ammo wheel, hook it at the end, and shoot.

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