Introduction: Knex Recovery Truck

This is my Knex Recovery Truck that i made about 7 years ago (back when i was a mere 16), and has been in my loft since. The whole model was my own design, i got inspiration for the crane part from a knex digger i saw. A few years ago i bought a load of knex and in with it was the instructions for a lorry, which i made and added to the front of this, as it was better then the one i made.

It uses a large grey motor for the main winch. It has twin cyber knex motors running another winch on the main boom. It also has 2 "drag" winches on the back.

Its 19 inches high, 9 inches wide and 36 inches long.

Sorry about the poor photo's, but they were taken on my phone.

It's strong and can lift quite a lot - i added a picture of it lifting the ZKAR (with ease) and also a knex "big rig" which is a copy of one made by Beanieostrich

I wont be able to make instructions as i don't have enough of the correct spare bits to do so.

Please tell me what you think