Knex Removable Magazine - New Mechanism

Introduction: Knex Removable Magazine - New Mechanism

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I developed a new mechanism for a knex magazine. This is a bit better than the conventional "pushing" of the bullets into place because instead of a direct push, a significant amount of the force is redirected at an angle, thus relieving a TON of pressure off of the bullet. However, the bullet is STILL able to be held in position to be struck by a firing pin.

This magazine which I show instructions for is meant for blue rods. However, the magazine design can be lengthened to accommodate for any size rod. It still holds a sleek look.

I hope these instructions are clear enough for creating this magazine and concept! If any pictures are needed, please feel free to request them and i'll get them up ASAP.

Step 1: Benefits Vs. Costs


- Almost no friction from bullet below due to lack of substantial force.
   - only enough force to push the bullet up and out
- clean look
- smooth internals
- unique design
- smooth outer finish


- relatively large for only housing 5 bullets
- 2 broken whites

Step 2: Plates

Make 2 of these

Take careful note of the absence of green/black rods in certain locations

Step 3: Walls

Pic 1: Create 1 of these

Pic 2: Create 1 of these

Pic 3: Create 1 of these. This will go inside the magazine body

Pic 4: Create 1 of these

Pic 5: Attach pic 1 to pic 4 like so

Pic 6: Attach all pieces to one base plate as shown

Pic 7: Attach two grey/white rods where shown

Pic 8: Slide on piece from pic 2 onto the grey/white rods from pic 7

Pic 9: If you want to work ahead, put this broken white rod here

Pic 10: Build this piece

Pic 11: Build the piece at the bottom of the magazine and slide it onto the grey rod from pic 10. Read the notes!

Step 4: Internals

These are just the pieces that will elevate the ammunition so that it passes the level of the barrel. I included these because they help dissipate all of the force of the "pushing" below. This is key, because it allows the bullet to rise up, but without the additional friction created from the ammunition below it pushing up.

Pic 1: Create this

Pic 2: Create this

Pic 3: Position as shown

Pic 4: Notice how ammunition lines up inside the magazine


The rubber band will be wrapped inside the grey connector at the bottom and attached to the opposite end. This will pull the grey connector towards it, causing the system to rotate. This rotation will cause the two pieces from pic 1 and pic 2 to move up, pushing the ammunition higher. However, because it isn't a direct administration of force, the force is almost non-existent. That is the beauty of this magazine: function without the downsides of additional friction

Step 5: Finish!

Pic 1: Second base plate. Ignore the broken white rod in the corner

Pic 2: this is the same picture as in the first step. This will connect to the grey rod which was mentioned a few steps back

pic 3: notice the green rod and the broken white attachment

pic 4: finished and taped up! Notice how the rubber band is wrapped. 

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    If i can get my hands on a camera, can i use it for my own gun?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Gladly! :D I'd love to see people apply this to their guns. I built this magazine because I wanted to add something innovative to the knex community, so i'd love to see your gun :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You could always use a phone camera if that's available :) Or maybe even a webcam on your computer or laptop if thats an option! Does the magazine work properly for your gun?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i actually want to try and find an available camera, then start making one. the mag just seems very well made :D


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you liked it! I look forward to seeing how you use it :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Go for it! Just be sure to give me credit if you do :)