Awesome Knex Tank Instructions!

Introduction: Awesome Knex Tank Instructions!

About: Hi! I'm knexinventions 49, a kid who loves to build, program, inspect element, play, and more. As my username suggests, most of my 'ibles will be on Knex, but I have some other ones with paper. I'm currently n…

Hi, knexinventions 49 here! Today I'll show you how to make this sweet knex tank I invented!  Note: The piece count is not entirely accurate, but about 95%. So, get building!

Step 1: Main Supports

Piece count: 
green/black rod: 16
green connector (4) 4
grey/yellow connector (5): 16 
white rod: 12

Step 2: Axles

Piece count:
spacers: 10
blue: 4
grey: 6
snowflake connector (8): 6
tan clip: 6

Step 3: Step 1 and 2 Assembly

Step 4: Motor Assembly

Piece Count:
spacers: 9
grey: 3
snowflake connector (8): 2
tan clip(1) : 2
motor (with batteries) : 1

Step 5: The Rotating Turret

Piece Count:
rigid rod (preferably): 1
small wheel: 4 
Y- clip: 5
grey connector(1): 4
spacer: 6
green/black rod: 52
grey/purple connector: 28 (taken apart) (4)

Step 6: Treads!

Piece Count:
grey connector(1):162
white rod: 84
blue: 4
grey: 8
tan clip: 8
snowflake: 8

Step 7: Motor and Rear Covering

Piece count:
white rod: 11
green/black rod: 5
orange/brown connector(2):9
blue: 1
black/green: 3
black: 2
grey connector: 1
yellow/gray: 1

Step 8: Your're Done!!!

Your finally done! I think you can also use the all- terrain-trek motor too...

Build on!

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    5 years ago

    can u post a total count of the whole thing


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This thing is awsome!!! Can you post a p count?

    knexinventions 49
    knexinventions 49

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sure! But first I need to break it apart and count. I'll do it tomorrow. Okay?