Introduction: Knex Rubber Band Gun

This knex gun is not like most that shoot a knex rod this one instead shoots a rubber band i know it sounds weak but a point blank this thing will leave a nice welt.

Step 1: The Stock

First make 4 of the things in the first pic and 2 of the things in the second one. Then use 2 blue rods to connect them all together ass seen in the third pic

Step 2: The Barrel

First determine the length of barrel you want then begin to put the pieces together like in the pics. then just keep using this pattern to get your desired barrel length. Once you've done this put the end on by using 3 green connectors, 3 green/black rods, 1 blue connector, and 1 purple connector. clip the green rods to the end of your barrel and then clip the green connectors to thos e then put together the blue and purple and clip it on.

Step 3: The Trigger

First Assemble it as seen in the pics and connect it to the other end of your barrel. Then connect the stock also like in the picture.

Step 4: Firing

To fire the gun just attach the rubber band to the end of the part you put at the end of your barrel. Then put the other end on the white/black connector on your trigger make sure when you connect it though that the white rod is a s far forward as possible. Now to fire just pull the white rod back and let go the force of the rubber band should force the white rod through the part that it would usually rest up against letting the rubber band fly of the white/black connector.

please leave comments this is my first instructable constructive criticism is good.