Introduction: Knex Sawed Off Shotgun 50th Ible

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Hey guys I'm back for the very last time! Yes I'm leaving instructables, I'm moving full time to youtube. Ibles is really a place to show people how to make your inventions, not a place to show off your plastic artwork. So here it is guys! My 4th collaboration with Blue Mullet. We originally were going to build a Remington 870, but that proved to be very complicated. Then we thought about doing a Henry lever action. We finally decided on a sawed off shotgun. We think it turned out fantastic. But we will let you guys judge that. So lets get to the stats then shall we?

Its a FREAKIN sawed off shotgun!
Uses removable "shotgun shells"
Shoots around 45 feet
Very strong trigger
Locks very tightly but opens relatively easy
Looks pretty accurate to a real sawed off
No sights

So I hope you enjoy my very last and 50th ible. I figured 50 was a good place to stop and leave, i hope you guys understand.
Again go subscribe to Blue Mullet on youtube and myself for future Knex guns. I hope to see all of you there.
~Lucas The Boss~