Introduction: Knex Semi Auto Pistol With Removable Mag

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Hello friends, 
Here is a great new gun. It is a true semi auto pistol that has removable mags. This gun has a little different set up then most normal knex pistols. For one it has no ram rod. This gun uses the idea that Louis XIV came up with in 2008. Kinetic recently came up with an idea and made it into a rifle. For a long time I've wanted to make a semi auto pistol, but the mech he used was way to big. I had to shrink in down a lot and I had to change it up too.

The gun has a removable mag, but what makes this mag different is that the mag is where the barrel typically is.  I did this for two reasons. One, it was more of a challenge. Two, it looks more like a pistol if the mag isn't coming out of the back of the gun. It's also more compact.  The mag holds 4 bullets, which is a small mag capacity for most guns, but the reason the gun works is because of the horizontal mag. The gun shoots 20 plus feet, which isn't bad considering what it is.

I hope you like it!
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Step 1: Step 1

Picture 1: Build this guy
Picture 2: Add these rods
Picture 3: Make these
Picture 4: Slide them right here
Picture 5: Get these
Picture 6: Slide them over the rod

Step 2: Step 2

Picture 1: Build this guy.
Picture 2: Add white rods
Picture 3: Slide it onto the rest of the gun
Picture 4: Make this thing
Picture 5: Add it on
Picture 6: Make this part. ( yes you have to cut it)
Picture 7: Add it on
Picture 8: Make the trigger
Picture 9: Add it on
Picture 10: Make the hammer
Picture 11: Add it on
Picture 12 & 13: Make these things. ( I made a mistake in the pictures, read the note)
Picture 14: Add on
Picture 15: Add the blue connector

Step 3: Step 3

Picture 1: Remember this? make it again.
Picture 2: Add it on
Picture 3: make this
Picture 4: Place it here
Picture 5: Add bendy rod

Step 4: Step 4

Picture 1: Make all these. (yes the rods have to be cut)
Picture 2: Add it on
Picture 3: Add the clip
Picture 4:Add the other side
Picture 5: Add the connectors
Picture 6: Add the end
Picture 7: Add ram rod
Picture 8: Add band

Step 5: Loading

In the first 3 pictures show where to put the bands.
Picture 4: Make this
Picture 5: Pull the ram back and lock it in the mag
Picture 6: Add bullets in mag
Picture 7: Insert mag
Picture 8: Put that thing there to lock the mag in.

Release the mag pusher and pull the trigger. that easy!
Tell me what you think!