Knex Semi Auto Three Shot Rbg

Introduction: Knex Semi Auto Three Shot Rbg

About: hi I'm knexpufferfish and i am in 8th grade, and i like building with knex and legos. I mostly build model guns that don't shoot, but i sometimes make a functioning gun.

Easy to make
Easy to shoot
Looks good
Relatively sturdy
Okay power
True semi automatic

Only holds 3 rounds
Clamp sometimes slips and lets out two bands

Step 1: Parts and Frame Beginning

Pretty self explanatory make a casing put blue rods in the designated places.

Step 2: Mechanism and Spacing

Put the mechanism inside. Easy step :)

Step 3: Casing Frame


Step 4: Stabilizers

Put the two stabilizer arms on the blue rod that holds the trigger mechanism and attach them to the blue rod at the top of the gun.

Step 5: Rubber Bands and Firing

Make sure that one of the green rods on the ammo wheel is resting between the prongs on the lower trigger clamp.
To load just put he bands on the three open slots on the ammunition wheel and hook them onto the orange clip at the end, once the bands are on pull the trigger and fire a round,(tip, use a thick rubberband to pull the trigger) wait for the band to pull the trigger back and fire again

This is my first instructable, hope you enjoy!

please comment below.

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