Introduction: Knex Shell Ejecting L.A-Rifle Prototype

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HI Guys back again with a new "project" I've been working on for a little while now. I have been fiddling with some ideas on lever action rifles and decided to try and make a hybrid of the KPAS I have made previously and a shell ejection mechanism. Unfortunately it didn't work as well as I had hoped it would, BUT I did snag a few photos and a shot video detailing how the gun operates. I will be using the same mechanism displayed to make a rod firing gun instead without the fancy shell ejecting mech, though this gun DID work, it was not stable or completely functional 100% of the time, so it won't get an 'Ible.

Enjoy a few snapshots and the short video, just bare in mind it was a prototype, the next finished product will look and operate vastly different to this one!

Step 1: Photo Overview

Hover over the photos for a more detailed description of what's going on here.

Pictures 1-3 are a general overview of the front portion of the gun.

Pictures 4-8 are of the captive pulley system I have made to keep everything neat and tidy. It also shows that the pulley system (however basic it is) does function correctly and keep the tension on the pull-string.