Knex Shotgun - Revenge - Build!

Introduction: Knex Shotgun - Revenge - Build!

About: Hey, my name is Jay. I've been working on building a lot more lately, expect more Instructables later on!

I've wanted to build a shotgun for a while, so I did it, but now I need to destroy it for parts...but at least I'm making instructions before I do!

Quick Notice: This gun uses roughly 5 broken rods (3 connectors wide) and 3 end clips, you can replace them all without problems (You will have to move pieces around/take some off) so don't worry too much if you don't have them. Also, green rods mean that specific part cannot be seen from outside of the gun, black rods mean you can see that part. (Not important unless you color code or use specific pieces)

I apologize for the Blur and Shade in some pictures, I don't have the best camera quality or lighting.


Step 1: Blast Barrel

This Is probably the most important part of the gun, It holds the pop-up sight and the main firing mechanism.

1. First Layer of the Barrel

2. Build These

3. Add them Here

4-5. Build This

6. Add it Here

7. Build These

8. Add Them to the Barrel

9. Add This Here (From Picture 7, Don't Forget the White Rod)

10. Connect the Last Piece

11. Add it on

12. Another Angle

13-14. Build the Trigger

15. Add it Here

16. Build These

17-18. Place it in Between the Yellow Connectors and Slide it in

19. Add This Piece (From Picture 16)

20. Add This on Afterwards

21. Build These

22. Connect the 4th Layers

23. Add the Final Layer On (I Would Recommend Adding them 1 by 1)

Congrats! You've Finished the Blast Barrel!

Step 2: Handle

Another Required Part of the Gun, When Firing, make Sure you Move your Hand Down the Handle so the Firing Pin doesn't hit your hand.

1. Build This

2. Build These

3-4. Connect Each Side

5. Build These

6-7. Add Each Side

8. Build These

9-10. Add Each Side

11. Get a Rubber Band

12. Add it onto the Handle

13. Get the Barrel and Remove these Pieces

14. Add the Handle onto the Barrel

15. Add the Pieces Back on

16. Add Another Rubber Band onto the Trigger

Congrats! You've Finished the Handle!

Step 3: Break Barrel

This is the Part that will make your Gun Break open to load.

1. Build This

2. Build These

3. Attach Like So

4. Build These

5. Add them Here

6. Build This

7. Attach Here (Get a Rubber Band)

8. Slide the Band Through Here

9. Build These

10. Attach Here

11. Build These

12. Attach them Here

13. Build the Final Layer

14. Add It on

15. Add this Purple Connector (Also Notice where the Band is)

16. Add an End Connector

17. Grab a Blue Rod and the Blast Barrel

18. Connect Like So

19. Get These Pieces

20. Add the Blue Clip Here

21. Add the Black/Green Connector Here

22. Close the Barrel

Congrats! You've FInished the Break Barrel!

Step 4: Stock

This Part isn't Necessary, but it Provides Support, Looks, and More Grip Area.

1-4. Build This, All Layers are the Same except for the One White Rod at the Front (Sorry, I was too Lazy to take it Apart)

5. Build These

6-7. Add Them on Like So

8. Build These

9-10. Add Them on Like So

11. Get 3 Rubber Bands

12. Add Them onto the Stock

13. Add the Stock onto the Main Body

Congrats! You've Finished the Stock!

Step 5: Fore Barrel

This Part also is Unnecessary, but Makes the Gun looks Cooler.

1. Build This

2. Build These

3. Add them on Here

4. Build This

5. Add it on Here

6. Build These

7. Add Them on Here

8. Build These

9. Add Them on the Other Side

10. Get 3 Rubber Bands

11. Put the Rubber Bands Here

12. Connect it to the Main Body and Get a Blue Rod

13. Put the Blue Rod Here and Move the Rubber Bands Over

Congrats! You've FInished the Fore Barrel!

Step 6: Firing Pin and Rubber Bands

Final Step! You're Almost There!

1. Get 2 Rubber Bands

2-3. Add them on Each Side

4. Firing Pin

5. Wrap in Tape

6. Wrap in Rubber Bands

7. Put the Pin Through the Barrel

8. Get a Few Rubber Bands

9. Add them on Each Side

How to Shoot

10. Pull the Pin Back

11. Break the Barrel Open

12. Place a Yellow Rod Through

13. Close the Barrel

14. Fire!

Congrats! You've Finished the Gun! I Hope you Enjoy it and Fire as Much as you Want! (Please Don't Shoot at anyone's face, I'm not responsible for any injuries) If yoy have any problems, feel free to message me!

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