K'nex Shrapnel/Splodie Launcher




Introduction: K'nex Shrapnel/Splodie Launcher

Not superpowered like many of the other K'nex guns I see around, but it's a new design that some people can use to create their own. Can launch about 20 blue rods at once, less rods = more power.

Note: Looking for trigger design (currently doesn't have one)

---First word after number is main color, others are secondary--
209 yellow/whitish-gray
45 tan/blue
18 orange
11 white/black
7 green
7 gray (2 slots)
6 gray (1 slot)
2 red
237 green/black
35 white/dark gray
28 blue
8 yellow/dark gray
6 red/green/orange
1 long gray/orange
12 blue spacers
1 black connector with 1/2 circle end

READ THE NOTES!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! (in most cases)

Step 1: Handle and Barrel Bottom

1. Make 7
2. Make 7
3. Connect picture 2 pieces like so
4. (another view)
5. Connect picture 1 and picture 3
6. Finish the step

Step 2: Barrel Sides

1. Make 10
2. Connect 5 of them like this
Connect the last 5 the same way
3. Should be what you have so far

Step 3: Launching Pin

1. Make this part (ignore the orange rod for now)
2. Now make this
3. Place 10 tan pieces behind the picture 2 piece

Step 4: Barrel Top

1. Make only this for step 4

Step 5: Finish

1. Connect sides
2. Install launching pin (notice where the red connectors are)
3.(another view)
4. Install bands
5. Clip on the top

Step 6: Loading and Firing

1. Drop rods in the barrel
2. Even drop splodies in the barrel
3. Make sure ammo is resting on the pin, like so
Pull pin back and release (still need trigger.....)


I hope at least a few people like it, or can at least help me improve the design, any expert advice would be excellent :)

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