Introduction: Knex 'Slider' Ball Lift

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This lift is quite like the 'alternator' lift, but at a 45 degree angle. It's also a lot more piece efficient.

It is also easily modified to get higher.


Step 1: Making a Scaffold

This scaffold will be made of 'cubes' and a slope down the side.

Part of the scaffold is left out, on the black rods around that there are dark grey connectors.
There is also a small ramp at the orange connectors, a yellow connector at the top, and extra base at the bottom, front.

Step 2: Moving Part

This is the bit that slides up and down.

Step 3: Adding That

Clip the previous step onto the dark grey connectors in the gap.

Step 4: Roof

This is the part that goes above the slider so the ball doesn't go down.

Step 5: Attaching the Roof

Attach each of the blue rods to the scaffold.

Step 6: Entrance Track

This is where the ball enters the lift

Step 7: Adding the Entrance

There are six places to connect the green rods.

Step 8: Motor Parts

This is the crankshaft and the motor.

Step 9: Putting It Together (Finished)

There are five connections to make.

Step 10: What If Your Slider Is Jamming?

Put a spacer on any of the red rods like in the pictures.