Knex 'Slider' Ball Lift

Introduction: Knex 'Slider' Ball Lift

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This lift is quite like the 'alternator' lift, but at a 45 degree angle. It's also a lot more piece efficient.

It is also easily modified to get higher.


Step 1: Making a Scaffold

This scaffold will be made of 'cubes' and a slope down the side.

Part of the scaffold is left out, on the black rods around that there are dark grey connectors.
There is also a small ramp at the orange connectors, a yellow connector at the top, and extra base at the bottom, front.

Step 2: Moving Part

This is the bit that slides up and down.

Step 3: Adding That

Clip the previous step onto the dark grey connectors in the gap.

Step 4: Roof

This is the part that goes above the slider so the ball doesn't go down.

Step 5: Attaching the Roof

Attach each of the blue rods to the scaffold.

Step 6: Entrance Track

This is where the ball enters the lift

Step 7: Adding the Entrance

There are six places to connect the green rods.

Step 8: Motor Parts

This is the crankshaft and the motor.

Step 9: Putting It Together (Finished)

There are five connections to make.

Step 10: What If Your Slider Is Jamming?

Put a spacer on any of the red rods like in the pictures.

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Question 6 weeks ago

Can you use the green motor in this lift? I threw out the slow motor since one of the batteries exploded.


Answer 5 weeks ago

Yes, but it might be unstable. I suggest that you add some extra scaffolding to hold it in place.


Answer 2 years ago

Sorry dude, I don't have a piece count.
I designed this lift so you can extend it to any size.
You also can skip steps 6-7 (the entrance track) and let the ball start anywhere.
Step 1 (scaffold) is only a suggestion, and should be replaced according to the design of your ball machine.
For these reasons, it's hard to determine how many pieces are needed.


4 years ago

I made this. It works very well. I like the way it pushes the balls up. I made a video of it lifting up 3 balls at a time. It handled them quite well.

Neat lift, I like the fact that it uses waaaaay fewer pieces than Shadowman's Alternator Lift (which always kept me from building one). Although the movement appeared in the video to be slightly delayed with more balls, I consider this a well-crafted lift. Great job!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Don't worry about the jumpy movement. I've edited it to remove that in step 4 (see tags)

Works very good, I'll use it in my next ball machine.
It took me only half an hour to build.


9 years ago on Introduction

Very ingenious! I like how the balls can enter from any point.