Introduction: Knex Small Heavy Cannon

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I made iac's heavy cannon then thought i should make a smaller version if people dont have enough peices so i came up with this!!!

Step 1: Peice Count (optional)

These are the peices you will need for the bow and the bullet: Connectors: Yellow-45 Orange-17 Blue-16 Green-6 Purple-16 White-4 Red-10 Dark grey-6 Light grey-6 Rods: Yellow-3 White-49 Blue-12 Green-98 Others: Blue spacers-4 Silver spacers-12 Medium wheels-2 Elastic bands(medium size)-2 If you have these! Start making!!!

Step 2: Handle

This is a very basic handle. This is not the trigger!

Step 3: Lower Barrell

This is the step that is not to hard.

Step 4: Upper Barrell

This is the same as the lower barrell

Step 5: Bow

This is the main body structure and uses very few peices

Step 6: The Wheels

This step is complicated. Hopefully there is enough photos for you to know where to put everything.

Step 7: Attaching Upper and Lower Barrell

This stepbis pretty step forward

Step 8: Securing the Barrells

Attach the orange bit here so the barrell fits the bullet

Step 9: Attaching the Elastics

This uses two elastic bands joint together. Put around the white rods around the wheels through the middle of the upper and lower barrells, around the other wheel and round the opposite white rod.

Step 10: Stand

These are not needed

Step 11: Loading and Firing

The pictures are self explanitry

Step 12: Your Done!!!!!!!

Well done youre finished! Now go have fun but remember dont shoot towards anybody! Thanks!!!