Introduction: Knex Sniper Thingamabob

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THis Knex Sniper Thingamabob is a sniper + pistol
This is my first instructable and my spelling sucks

Step 1: Handle

this handle

Step 2: Barrel 2

This part 2 of the barrel REMINDER: THIS GOES ON 1ST

Step 3: Triiger

the triger i sjust a block triger on either side with another orange connector tape to the other (sry 4 no pic)

Step 4: Barrel 1 Part 2

this barrel is a drop in barrel with a clip to keep the bullet in place Pix
Pic1: biuld these
Pic2: conect

Step 5: Stock

stock make

Step 6: Pistol Handle+ Pin

Pic1: 2 yellow rod full of red connectors i use orange flexi rods
Pic2: pin use a black or white semi transparent long rod sharpend a little bit (hand pencil sharpeners wor better)duct tape works well

Step 7: Connect

Pic1:barrel 2 to barrel 1
Pic2: connect handle to barrel 2
Pic3: connect stock to barrel 2,put pin in barrel 2

Step 8: Rubberbands

Put on rubber bands
Auto lock triger: put the rubber band on to trigger on the blue rod next to it make sure it is small

Pin: Put rubber bands on the pin and strech to the first white connector