Introduction: Knex Spas-12

About: I build knex guns
Hi this is my first time so be polite. Today I made a knex Spas-12 semiautomatic shotgun. it doesn’t use any cut peices so that’s a plus. The down side is that it’s just a model and doesn’t shoot. Well let’s get on it!!!

Step 1: Piece Count

Long grey rods-2
Yellow rods-8
Blue rod-7
White rod-34
Orange/gray 2-way connector-21
Orange grey connectors with 1 tab cut off-1
Purple 1-way connector-14
Red 90 degree connector-8
Green 4-way connector-8
Grey 2 way connector-2
Yellow 5-way connector-38
White circle connector-3
Rubber bands-1

Step 2: Body, Trigger, and Grip

Pick 1-build this
Pick 2-build this
Pick 3-another view
Pick 4-build/gather these
Pick 5-insert white rods as shown
Pick 6-another view
Pick 7-how to attach
Pick 8-attach trigger guard
Pick 9-bend trigger guard slightly then insert rod
Pick 10-another view
Pick 11-put the purple piece on the rod
Pick 12-put the grey pieces on as shown
Pick 13-build/gather
Pick 14-slide the trigger in from the top
Pick 15-slide rod on and put purple piece on the rod
Pick 16- slide rod on and put purple pice on the rod as shown
Pick 17-put rubber band on
Pick 18- put rubber band on as shown
Pick 19-make sight
Pick 20 attach like so

Step 3: Barrel

Pick 1-make
Pick 2-attach
Pick 3-attach
Pick 4-attach to body

Step 4: Stock

Pick 1-build
Pick 2-another view
Pick 3-another view
Pick 4-gather
Pick 5-attach rod and connector
Pick 6-attach stock
Pick 7-fold

Step 5: Your Done!!!!

Congratulations that probably wasn’t too difficult but at the end of the day your (probably) glad that you build this
So here is a cake