Introduction: K'nex Spike Grenade (halo 3)

Got Grunts? *Boom!*. Not anymore.

This instructable is a combination between the sticky grenade by NackAttack and 'splodies by (your name here), to make the first actual K'nex grenade.

Why is it different?- It doesn't just shatter on impact. It actually flings pieces everywhere. Video coming soon.

You will need:
16 orange connectors
19 rubber bands
8 green rods
8 yellow connectors
18 red connectors
3 red bars
2 pin pieces

Step 1: Make the Shell

Put the red connectors into the white connector (they should be loose).
Wrap with a rubber band.
Do this twice.

Step 2: Continue Shell

Create the handle as shown. Note the middle bar is only connectd to one connector.
Put this middle bar through the hole of the white connector on one of the bases. Clip it down with a pin piece (the yellow-tan-ish ones that are like small gray caps).

Set the yellow pieces in the red connectors. Make sure they are all going the same way. Do NOT add the rubber band around the yellow yet.

Cap with the other base piece, making sure the openings fit together well. Now add the rubber band around the yellow.

Step 3: Make the 'splodies

If you really need a description for the first picture you aren't very smart. Make 16 of these.

Put two rubberbands together- then fold over (so it looks like you have 4). Put this over your fingers as shown, then put on the bars.

"Fold" together. The ends of the greens should be touching. Make sure it is stable. (As you can tell this is slightly different than actual splodies).

Make eight of these.

Step 4: Prime Grenade

First have the sides of the orange pieces against the sides so you don't accidentally set off the 'splodie. Then twist into place.

Its hard to see, but one prong of the orange should be In front of the red part sticking out, and the other prong should be behind it.

It will stick out at an angle, as shown.

Do this (VERY CAREFULLY) for all eight spaces.

Step 5: Boom

Toss over a wall and kill some unsuspecting grunts.
Note- if you throw too hard it might just fall apart in your hand- you might as well be throwing a handful of pieces. Actually, you WOULD be throwing a handful of pieces.

With a perfect toss, the shell will be obliterated and the 'splodies will fly everywhere (including up, which is why I consider this a true grenade).

Be VERY careful this whole process- any slip could blow the whole thing- which would be annoying AND painful.

Video coming soon.
Edit: Yeah no that's never happening. And holy crap my spelling used to be atrocious.