Introduction: K'nex Spring Powered Pistol

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Well, I was challenged by someone, (a long time ago), to make a spring powered K'nex gun. Well, I found a spring the other day that fit perfectly around a K'nex rod, so I decided to give the concept a try.

This gun is magazine fed, and the magazine can hold about 5 rounds. It's not much, but the mag can be extended very easily. It shoots grey connectors, but it also can shoot ball connectors with a y-clip attached. The y-clip ammo is a bit harder to make, and the pieces can be uncommon, but the gun shoots that type of ammo a but more efficiently.

The gun, as shown in pictures is powered by a single spring, which I obtained from my airsoft gun. If you would want to build this gun exactly, you could buy the spring from any airsoft store, or online. The spring is actually reasonably cheap to buy, because it's just a charging handle spring, so it has no function in an airsoft gun (usually). There are probably other ways to obtain springs of this size, but I was just lucky enough to find one haha.

The spring is the perfect size to fit around a K'nex rod, and still fit inside a gun. It is very strong, and gives the gun a lot of power with very little effort. Also, you can add extra rubberbands for more power, but the spring is very powerful on its own.

There are certain pro's and con's with using a spring instead of rubberbands, but the most effective is that a spring won't break, (usually). Some K'nex guns waste rubberbands so fast that you start running out of them, and it can be very annoying, and sometimes hurt. A spring however, is very durable when used correctly, and probably will never break if you use the gun properly. Also, if the spring happened to break, it would stay inside the gun, and you wouldn't get hurt from it.

I decided to make the back of the gun sort of "unfinished", and if you want to, it would be very easy to add your own stock, making this a rifle. This would be very interesting, and if anyone wants to do it, go ahead, I'd love to see it! After all, this pistol certainly has the power of a rifle anyways.

Pro's -

Very Sturdy

Mag Fed

Spring Powered (Very Powerful)

Easy pull-back, (about 4 inches), but still has a lot of power

More Efficient than rubberbands

Looks kind of like the Call of Duty Raygun

Stock is addable

Con's -

Low Capacity Magazine

Handle is kind of uncomfortable

Sights aren't really accurate, (not that important)

Anyways, let's get to building!

Step 1: The Ram Rod

The ram rod is very important, so do this step 100% correctly. But, you're going to be taking part of this apart later to insert it into the gun.

Step 2: The Body

Yes, you need the cut rods for it to work efficiently. Sorry, but I couldn't find any way around them. Watch the video to see how to insert the ramrod!

Step 3: The Magazine

The Magazine is actually the entire front of the gun, which helps the durability. Also, when you take the magazine out, you are able to fix and jam problems the gun may have, so it kind of acts as a cover for the mechanism.

Step 4: You're Done!

This gun shoots grey connectors, or the alternate ammo shown in the previous picture on the front page. If you have any questions, ask me! There are quite a few aspects of this gun that make it challenging to start using, but once you know how it works, you will be able to shoot it perfectly.