Introduction: Knex Steyr AUG

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so I felt like building something with knex, and I felt like having an AUG, so here I present to you, my knex Steyr AUG!
I features;
-removeable mag
-moving trigger
-two barrel lengths
-comfy handle
-front grip
-tac rail for real life or knex optics
-magazine release 'knob'
-my Crosmam RDS
-handle guard

if you have any questions or requests I will be happy to look into them, but be noted that I cannot build every gun.
have a good day.

also credits to blue mullet for his aug magwell( i slighty modded it)


Step 1: Internals

here are the internals for those who want to build this gun
internals are for v1.5 which has slight updates such as a scope and a new easier to use mag release
sorry if the pics are blurry I was in a bit of a hurry

full instructions will be released later today!

Step 2: The Guts

here we will make the guts of the gun

Step 3: Stuffing the Gun

titel says it all c:

also sorry if i dont have every picture the instructables app kept breaking the photo files

Step 4: Final Parts

just add the other pannel and make the mag
the scope is optional, this is rather piece consuming for what you get so I'd suggest you slam some costum iron sights on it

Step 5: (optional) the Scope

here is the optional scope
if you have any questions about thos gun feel free to ask