Introduction: Knex Suspension Pickup Truck **Suspension Upgrade/Mod #1**

I built this with a version of suspension I made a couple months ago. The range is great. It is pretty strong and it doesn't look out of place like some other versions of suspension. In the future I would like to build a version that can steer and maybe even move with some form of motor. Any ideas?

Step 1: Suspension

OLD VERSION -Follow the steps to make each individual suspension unit. Your will have to repeat the steps 4 times. In total your will have 2 of the piece in this picture. One for the front and one for the rear.

NEW VERSION- Go to step 9 and make 4 of these units. Connect 2 units together with white rods. This will give you a front and rear suspension unit.

Step 2: Front Chasis

This should be pretty easy to build.

Step 3: Rear Chasis

completing the rear chasis

Step 4: Some Assembly

Putting the front and rear chasis together. Add the wheels.

Step 5: Hood, Grill, Headlights, and Bumper

Assemble the components that will make the truck look good.

Step 6: Side Panels

The side panels need to be made. Meke one for each side. Add the doors with a simple snap.

Step 7: Roof

Pretty easy.

Step 8: Final Assembly!

Now for the fun part. I think you should be able to see how each component is added. I ran low on battery in my camera so I tried to conserve the power by taking as few pictures as I thought I needed. I have modified my own truck since I built this one. It is now a six wheeled box truck with massive suspension and a rubber band powered opening back door. Why? I really don't know.

Step 9: Suspension Mod #1

This suspension is a lot less fragile than the previous version. It requires NO Y connectors and no further modification to the truck. It requires only a few spacers to be moved. The rubber bands are also much easier to get to meaning it is easier to adjust.