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Introduction: Knex Tackle Box Instructions

About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube to…
This is a nice, simple tackle box I built. Its really sturdy and just big enough to fit all your fishing essentials. Its really easy to build and has movable dividers. It can also easily be modified to make it bigger. Enjoy the video!

Step 1: The Base

The base. Pretty simple.

Step 2: The Sides

The sides. A little tricky.

Step 3: The Front and Back

The front and back are pretty simple. Just don't get them mixed up. The front pictures are 1-5. The back pictures are 6-10.

Step 4: The First Shelf

The first shelf is a little complicated. All the Y-clips are there so that the hooks won't fall through. If you don't have that many Y-clips you can cut out a 8 1/2" by 4 1/8" piece of thin cardboard (like off a cereal box) and poke holes in it lined up with the holes on the white and black 8-way connectors. You'll have to take of the tan clip as seen in the first picture if you won't to do the cardboard.  

Step 5: The Second Shelf

The second shelf is almost like the first one, but with some slight differences.

Step 6: The Lid

The lid, simple as well.

Step 7: The Handles, Separators, and Supports

The handles, separators, and supports are necessities for your tackle box.

Step 8: Attaching the Sides, Front, and Back

Now its time to start putting things together.

Step 9: Attaching the Shelves and Lid

Attaching the shelves and lid is pretty simple. Just follow the pictures.

Step 10: Attaching the Handles, Separators, and Supports

Attaching the handles, separators, and supports is pretty easy, but the handles might be a little hard to snap in.

Step 11: Finished!

Now that your finished its time to throw all your fishing tackle in and get fishing! p.s. Please comment if you have any questions.

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    34 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Sorry guys, he can't post right now. He's "gone fishin".


    8 years ago on Introduction

    only problem with this tackle box is i cant just throw my bait in the bottem like i do with my real one


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work. I LOVE the box, but I wouldn't want to use it for fishing because the hooks would get caught in all the openings... It would have to be lined some way, maybe clear plexiglass(?)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. The solution to the hooks getting stuck is explained in step 4. But I guess Plexiglas would work to.