Introduction: Knex Target (simplified)

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Hello guys. This my first instructable. This is a knex target I made. If you want insrtuctions, go to step 1. Or if you want to build from the pictures, Go ahead.

Step 1: The Base

Piece cont.

-4x grey rods

-2x green rods

-4x blue connectors

-4x purple connectors


1: get

2: make

3: add green rod

4: make 1 more

5: add grey rods

Step 2: The Counter- Weight

Piece count

1 blue rod

2 green rods

1 blue connector

4 purple connectors


1: get

2: connect the purple connectors like this

3: add the green rods

4: add the blue connector

5: add the blue rod

Step 3: The Center

Piece count

1 blue rod

2 red connectors

1 white connector

2 silver spacers


1: get

2: connect

3: add silver spacer

4: add white connector and silver spacer

5: connect last red connector

6: another view

Step 4: The Target Itself

Piece count

3 green rods

5 white rods

1 white connector

3 red connectors


1: what you are going to make

2: get

3: add green rods on the white connector

4: add red connectors

5: add white rods

Step 5: The Assembly

Is you made it this far, congratulations you made it to the last step!!! The Assembly.


1: get

2: get counter-weight and center

3: connect

4: get the base and attach

5: get target and connect

6: Congrats! You finished!