Introduction: Knex ThatThing Ball Machine Instructions

Hey guys, this is my final ball machine for a while so I hope you enjoy it! If someone could tweak my design I would greatly appreciate it! I also decided to show you the crazy guy behind the curtain! Cheers!

P.S: This is the beta instructions, and a video will be posted soon.

Update 15-5-19: Added pictures of the original build from a while ago.

Update 15-5-19: Fixed fatal mistake with drive shaft for crane in step 1( added pictures of corrected shaft)

Update 21-5-19: Fixed fatal mistake with the connection with the claw and the drive shaft. Look for the annotation in step three.

Step 1: Base and Gears

Since this was sort of a Rushed instructable, you will be seeing chunks of things instead of pieces but you'll have more than enough views to make it. I also corrected a fatal mistake with the drive shaft. The first two pictures show the correct build of the shaft.

Step 2: Supports

Big step!

Step 3: The Claw!

Time for that new lift!

Step 4: Path 1

The bridge is 36 yellow rods long.

Step 5: Path 2

Almost done!

Step 6: Original Build Pictures

This machine was actually built 2 years ago and I used these pictures to copy it for the instructions. You can see some subtle differences like how it is geared differently for an electric motor which I omitted for convenience. If I could just see the connections from the crankshaft to the crane it would be working perfectly. Darn!

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