Introduction: Knex Through 1/4" Wood

So, oodalumps made this thing he calls 'Not a Rectangle'. I call mine 'The Untangle'. What ooda did was at a little piece at the front to stop the pin from going to far. Now you can put as many bands on as you want without fear that your gun will explode. Ooda put 8. I put 10. I shot a red rod at a piece of 1/4" pine. The rod won. Everyone go build it. Don't aim it at drywall or loved ones. Don't shoot oodammo at hard targets. Have fun.

Red rod through 1/4" wood.

A side note: This is not quality wood. It is cheap pine. I didn't really want to waste a good piece of wood, but, given my curiosity, I might just try shooting oak or something similar. Only damage to the gun that resulted from this was the very front piece popped off of the green rod it was supposed to be attached to. The gun was still operable and it only took twenty seconds to fix.