Introduction: Knex Tomahawk

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Hello! This is my first instructable, so be as harsh as you want. This Tomahawk was not thought up by me, but I am just posting instructions for it. 100% credit goes to JMGypsum
Sturdy handle
Pretty cool looking (in my opinion)
You can make it a double axe by adding a second axe head

Kinda hurts your hands when building
Uses a decent chunk of rods and orange connectors.
Kinda small (but can be made longer)

Step 1: Parts List

Green 24?
White 14
Yellow 13
Red 6

Red 7
Green 6
Blue 12
White 3
Orange 16

Step 2: Step 1

Just build the following

Step 3: Finishing the Handle

Again, just attach the following. Don’t forget to add the white rods inbetween to make it sturdier!

Step 4: Blade

Build both of these and attach like so. You can make two blades if you want a double axe!

Step 5: Connecting the Blade

Kind of tricky, but should be simple once you get the hang of it

Step 6: Finished!

Enjoy this Tomahawk and be careful with it. Comment if you need any help or if you have any ideas on what to make!