Knex Transformers Blitzwing

Introduction: Knex Transformers Blitzwing

I am very happy to say, that I have finally made my first ever knex Transformer. Not only that It's what I believe to also be the first ever knex triple changer Transformer also.


Looks good

Can stand without help

Has Racketing elbows and shoulders Using glitched9700's barricade joint

Unique transformation

Has 3 modes

Leg transformation into tracks is cool


Tank and jet mode look bad

Hard to Transform

one broken rod

Arms are flimsy when transforming him

Has no holdable weapons

Uses lots of white rods

Step 1: Inspiration

I wanted to make a transformer, but I just didn't know who to build. I see a lot of the base Autobots. (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, etc). and base Decepticons (Megatron, Starscream, etc). I just didn't want to remake ones that already exist. It was time to change the game. I'll make a triple changer and I decided to make Blitzwing because I already have the figure so it should make it easier.

Step 2: Result

This the end result after examining the toy and trying to recreate it.

Step 3: Tank Mode

Heres the tank mode as you can see it's not horrible, but I don't think its that good either the arms are in the completely wrong spot and stand out way too much. I will try to make the tank mode and the jet mode better if I can

Step 4: Jet Mode

Here is his final mode and what I think looks the worst. Its also really long when transformed and fragile if you pick it up it's not quite worked out yet for this mode. And the arms are basically in the same spot as they were in tank mode plus the wings are really small.

Step 5: Final Review

Well, this was my first attempt at making a New kind of Knex transformer. And I think it came out ok robot by far looks the best. I'll try to fix the arms not being in the right spot, but for now, this is it I might make more transformers in the future just let me know.

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    3 years ago

    Best I’ve seen in a while


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you