Introduction: Knex Trip Wire Gun

this is my first instructable so please rate and tell me things i could improve on.

you will need:
30 red shapes
23 orange shapes
7 grey sticks
10 blue spacers
2 grey shapes
6 yellow shapes
1 yellow shape
2 white sticks 
2 green sticks
1 rubber band 
1 roll of tape 
one of those really weird tan coloured things
string ( preferably a thick hard to see one)
(to make a  disguise)
3 boxes
a ton of books that you don't like
one grey shape (each)
one blue stick (each)

there may be the odd blurry pic but most of them are clear

Step 1: The Front

6 orange shapes
10 blue spacers
one grey stick
one really weird tan coloured thing
one yellow stick
one grey shape

Step 2: The Stand

easy to make just slot them in together

Step 3: Adding the Stand to the Rest of the Stuff

just add the stand to the front of the gun then slot a yellow stick through and add a orange shape.

Step 4: The Barrel

add three red shapes then two more orange ones.
then again three more reds but one more orange.

Step 5: The Back

snap a grey stick over the top.
put two red sticks onto a red shape and snap it on the back.

Step 6: More Stuff on the Back

add 8 red shapes to each side then 8 greens to both sides as well.

Step 7: Yet Again More Stuff on the Back

add four orange shapes to each side as well. 

Step 8: The Hammer

this part is quite fiddly
get an orange shape and the rubber band
put the string through a hole just before the connecting bit
put it through the rubber band and back through the hole then back through the rubber band
tie a tight knot
put tape around the knot
then tape it to the orange piece without covering up the circle hole
then attach a grey stick to the other side

Step 9: Placement of the Hammer

put the rubber band up the front on the orange shape then pull the rest of the hammer back and place it into the barrel.

Step 10: Support

quite simple just copy the pictures.

Step 11: The Pin

grab a grey shape and tie some string through the circular hole
note that it would be better to use a lot more string that I have.
add a yellow stick to the grey shape.

Step 12: The Bullets

easy to make make as much as you want

Step 13: How to Load

pull the hammer back and slip the pin through the orange shapes after you have aligned all the holes and push the bullet into the barrel at the front of the gun.

Step 14: Disguise Step 1

find a box and put a hole in it so you could put the gun in it could shoot out without problems and with the lid closed. put a hole on the side so tat the string from the pin can come out in a strait line. put the string through the hole and then strait out in the same direction that the gun is pointing.

Step 15: Disguise Step 2

put books on either side of it so that it doesn't stuff anything up then cover it up so you cant see any knex

Step 16: Disguise Step 3

put boxes of books on either side of it so it doesn't look strange

Step 17: Finishing Of

put the boxes by a door and take the string and take it across and tie it to something across from the other side of the door really tight. now sit back and wait for someone to walk by.