Introduction: K'nex Tripod With Four Legs - Collapsible!

This is an instructable for a four legged tripod, a Quadrupod or something. The special thing about it, though, is that it collapses from 50 centimetres to slightly higher than a grey rod. And, you can make it as tall as you want, you just need to follow the pattern.

To make it the height that I did, you need:

37 Grey rods
16 Blue rods
8 white rods
8 green connectors
44 Red connectors
12 light grey connectors
32 1-slot connectors
20 black "hands"
4 brown connectors
2 full circle connectors
1 tan clip
16 blue spacers
8 silver spacers
4 ball joints (or, you can use the pieces that swivel in one direction and a black hand)

Step 1: The Legs!

1. This is a picture of one of the sections of the legs extended, but not locked in place.
2. This is the leg locked.the hand is now attached to the grey rod, so the grey rod, and therefore the section of leg, won't slip.
3. The locks don't get in the way of the legs collapsing.

Step 2: How the Legs Move Out and In

basically, how it works is that there is a grey rod down the middle of the quadrupod, and there is a square which moves up and down it goes down, it pushes the legs out,because the need to move away from the square, and the only way is out.

1.I have the leg held out so you can see how it is built. Where you see a single white half moon, that needs to have a single silver spacer there instead, and where you see 2 half moons next to each other, there should be a a silver spacer and 2 blue spacers.

2.Another picture of the leg pushed out a bit further.

3. the legs are extended, but not pushed out. They are buckling because I am pushing on top quite hard.


This step is unnecessary, but i didn't want to have a 2 step instructable.
The yellow connector on top is just there so the grey rod doesn't fall through, you can attach whatever you want there and it'll stick to the top of the tripod.