Introduction: Knex Trophy

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Hey! Zachrom123 back with more K’nex creations. This on is a trophy that you can decorate at the top!

You can customize the top to a heart or something
Pretty big
Doesn’t look too bad (in my opinion)

A little big (may take up space)
Lots of green rods and other connectors
Is a bit flimsy

Sorry no piece list :-(

Step 1: The Base

Just build the following. By the way, does anybody know how to add notes to the pictures on an iPhone?

Step 2: Trophy

Here is the trophy part. Just follow the pics

Step 3: Customize!

You can add designs on top like a heart or star or something. The heart I used was made by Webby247 so 100% credit goes to him for the heart. Here is the link for he heart Comment below what you thought of it. See ya!