Introduction: Knex USP

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This is my knex USP based on the real life gun, not the one from COD MW2 :P. I hope you guys like it!

Nice design
Appealing(in my opinion)
10 shot mag( can be extended at will)
Comfy handle
True trigger
25-35 feet range

The top of it (above the top track) is a little weak but can be fixed)
Uhum I can't think of anymore, let me know if there are any.

Step 1: First Layer

Make this.
Add in your gray/white rods.

Step 2: Track/ Second Layer

Make these.
Add these on.

Step 3: Trigger

Make this.
Add it in.

Step 4: Second Layer of Handle

Make this.
Add it on.

Step 5: Final Layer

Make this.
Add it on.

Step 6: Ramrod, Mag Push, and Banding

Make this.
Make this.