Introduction: Knex Ukelele Stand

A handy k'nex ukelele stand that small and easy to build.


x1 Ukelele
x10 grey rods
x1 red rod
x34 green rods
x4 blue rods
x3 white rods
x15 white circle connectors
x5 grey half clip connectors
x5 blue clip connectors
x6 red connectors
x3 yellow connectors
x1 orange ladder connector.

Step 1: The Base of the Stand

Build this

Step 2: The Middle Bit

Make this

Step 3: The Bit That Holds the Neck

Make that

Step 4: The Bit That Supports the Neck

Make this

Step 5: Where to Put the Ukelele

Put the ukelele in the stand and adjust the yellow connector at the top to secure it.