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This is my K'nex Vacuum Cleaner! I was trying to think of creative ideas for the rods and connecters contest and this was the best I could come up with (if you think of something better post it in the comments). This is fully functioning and works pretty well. Although yes it would be better to use a real vacuum this one is homemade and MUCH cheaper. I don't have any instructions yet but if people want the instructions just post in the comments below. At any rate this instructable will go over the aspects of the vacuum in more depth as to make it more clear why you should vote for me in the rods and connecters contest! OK so that's not why but seriously vote for me in the contest. ON TO STEP NUMBER ONE!

Step 1: The Cleaner

So not the best name but I didn't know what to call it. This step will be explaining the mechanics behind the vacuum and showing you the parts that make it work. First we have the "turbine" or the piece that spins around to create a flow of air moving into the machine. Then I show the gears that lead to the motor. SO many gears needed to be used to ensure A: you could reach the switches to the motors easily and B: because the motor didn't fit next to the "turbine". And in case anyone was wandering the gears even out so the gear ratio is the same at the end as wear it started.

Step 2: The Base

This is just the covering around the "turbine", the gears, and the motor. It was designed to look somewhat like the normal base of a vacuum and although I was only somewhat successful the design holds everything effectively while staying compact.This is also the part that holds the trash sucked in by the vacuum. as depicted its not much other than a ramp and a box.

Step 3: The Handle

First I am proud of the joint to the handle it gives a wide range of motion up and down while keeping fairly upright when not in use. It also allows for the vacuum to be swiveled like a normal vacuum.Although the body of the handle isn't much it can withstand the constant pressure from all angles without ever breaking. At the top I added the grip which fits relatively comfortably in my hand. It allows sits at an angle to be more comfortable similarly to a normal vacuum.

Step 4: The Vac in Action!

K'nex Vacuum Part 1

K'nex Vacuum Part 2

K'nex Vacuum Part 3

Finally the vacuum in action. Click on the links to see the videos. Sorry for the poor video quality. The Vac does what it's suppose to and that's all I can ask. Overall I like it and I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks. Also vote for me and the other great builds in thew rods and connecters competition. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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