Introduction: Knex WBKD

This is my Knex Rubberband Gun.  I named it WBKD for the case of randomness.  It shoots rubberbands up to 30 feet.  It can shoot up to 3 rubberbands at one time without breaking.  I hope you like it.  Go to for the video, it doesn't want to go on instructables.

Step 1: Parts Count

mettalic blue stub: 2
grey 1 slot: 6
orange 2 slot: 1
red 3 slot: 4
green 4 slot: 2
yellow 5 slot: 48
white 8 slot: 5

green stub: 83
white rod: 36
blue rod: 5

y connector: 1
blue spacers: 6

Step 2: The Handle Parts

The parts of the handle.

Step 3: The Handle Assembly

Assembling the handle.

Step 4: Making the Rest of the Gun