Introduction: K'nex Weather Vane

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Maybe just for fun, or maybe for actual use, this weather vane is a fun contraption to play with! goes!

Step 1: Items

First of all, gather the items you'll need. If you want to make it functional, you'll also need some fabric or something.

9 yellow rods

1 long grey rod

2 short blue rods

1 red rod

1 green rod/connector

2 white wheel things

1 blue wheel thing

1 grey quarter wheel thing

1 red right-angle piece

1 orange connector

1 small silver/grey ring

2 purple clips

Sorry about the descriptions of the items, I honestly don't know what else to call them! ? Just take a peek at the pic if you dont' understand.

Step 2: The Base

It needs to stand up, right?

Assemble the yellow pieces like spokes on the grey and blue pieces, like shown in the picture. Note the position of the yellow rod on the grey piece.

Step 3: The Thing That's Gonna Keep the Arrow on the Base

I think we all know that a weather vane has to have an arrow attached to it!

Get the grey rod and connect it to the base as shown in the image

Step 4: The Arrow

Have we forgotten something?

First of all, make the arrowhead by connecting the orange, green and red pieces together, as shown.

Then attach this arrowhead onto a red rod.

Attach the red rod onto a white wheel piece.

Now grab a yellow rod, attach the second wheel to it and attach the two blue rods to it as shown.

Now attach the other end of the yellow rod to the the opposite end of the wheel that has the red rod.

Well Done, you've made an arrow.


Step 5: Putting It All Together

It should work, shouldn't it?

Now, attach a purple clip somewhere near the top of the grey rod, put the grey ring over it, put the wheel which has the red and yellow rods attached to either side on top of the ring and attach the the second purple clip onto the top of the grey rod, closing it. Note that it should be standing vertically, though the image shows it (the purple clip right at the utmost top) horizontally.

Step 6: Finished

Finally, you're finished...or are you?

If you want it to work and not just spin by hand, cover the two sticking out blue pieces at the back with some fabric and seal it with a rubber band. It should work, but I haven't tried it so no guarantee!

Maybe YOU can think of a better way for the wind to spin it, or make it work!

Step 7: Thanks

Thanks for reading this instructable. Please let me know in the comments if you want more detail or pictures...and also post a pic of your creation if you've made it.