Knex Ball Element - Bowling

Introduction: Knex Ball Element - Bowling

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Here's one of my knex ball machine elements I designed a while ago, which I used again in It swings the ball about 200 degrees then sends it rolling like a 10 pin bowling motion.

Personally, I prefer the 'metallic' colours for this element, but for the sake of instructions I'll use classic pieces.

Step 1: The Inner Cube

The element has a centre pivot point that goes through this.

Step 2: Top Supports

The ball goes in this.

Step 3: Pivot Supports

This is where the rod goes through for the rotation.

Step 4: Counterweights and You're Done!

Once you add the counterweights you're complete. The ball should always fall one way (see step 1 picture 3) and roll the opposite direction.

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11 months ago

Can you give me a description of how this works pls?


Reply 10 months ago

The ball lands in the top of the element, and then the element tips to the right. Instead of the ball falling to the right, it instead swings all the way around and gets shot to the left in a way that reminds me of ten-pin bowling.


Reply 10 months ago

Interesting. Kinda neat how you added in the "bowling" key to your element. Very nice!