Introduction: K'nex Bolt Action Bullpup F2000 [Edit]

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Ok, a few people have known I was working on this for a while now, but here it is.  It is an FN F2000 replica, as the F2000 has been one of my favourite assault rifles for a while now, (not due to CoD before anyone accuses me of that) and I decided it would be an interesting challenge to see if I could make a bullpup weapon a viable choice for power as well as looking good. 

The bolt pin pushes the blue rod from the removable magazine (with the mag release button in the correct place) about 2 inches forwards from the front of the mag and up a ramp into a holding piece that stops it sliding around in the 'chamber'.  This extra distance maximises the distance the firing pin travels and so increases power.  The true trigger is attached to a block trigger above the magazine well' just behind the rear iron sight.

The weapon can shoot, hit a wall 10 feet away, and bounce the rod back to hit me in the face, with one #64 band. 

Unfortunately, I could not attach a fake barrel to the front in a way that wouldn't block the path of the rod and look good; the rifle simply looks better without one in the wrong place.  I have also redesigned the optic since these photos to make the front more sloped and therefore look more like the real deal.

Some credit goes to Ironman69 for the internal mag pusher.  Everything else was made by me; if any other parts resemble anyone else's design, that is purely coincidental. 

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EDIT:  I made some mods.  No pics seeing as I'll be posting it soon enough anyway, but I changed the bolt and pin raiil slightly so it works more smoothly and the pin doesn't stick out of the top any more.  I also changed the trigger to a design that can hold more power.  I did some range testing with 3 #64s and it can fire about 50 feet flat with a blue rod.

Thanks for all the ratings and comments guys; this is now the highest rated K'nex gun on the site at 4.24*.