K'nex Box (version I)

Introduction: K'nex Box (version I)

About: Hey! I'm gargamelknex, and I am 18 years old. I live in the netherlands, so i can't good English. I make knex ballmachines, cars, rollercoasters, and other things. Please, subcribe when you are a big k'nex fa…

Hey everyone!

I have here my second instructable. It is a box.  
Here are some properties of my work:

advantages        disadvantages
* 3 or 2 boxes in one box                              * small pieces falling out of the box.
* bottom is very sturdy                                   * The sides are not sturdy
* This created for big k'nex pieces.
* simple

This is version I, later this project improved.
No piece count, 
because I have too little time.

Step 1: ...Bottom...

Step 2: ...Sides...

Step 3: ... and Up

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