Introduction: K'nex Car (mini) MODS!

About: Hello I am Devin, A.K.A Jingo69. I am a student, lover of cars, K'nex/Lego, and art. I mostly post K'nex car creations but plan to post other ideas in future too! …

These are the new 'cooper' mods some are to make it look better, some for safety, some for performance and now there here!
this also shows you how my rubber band power works! these are the news...

news: 7 new cons: 1

-strengthening mods
-sporty bonnet vents
-new back bumper
-better boot locks
-better looks as well

New cons: 1

-rubber band power is good, but this is a bit too heavy for it to move
-really-fast but even with the weight it does move a bit

The stats (out of 5)

function 5* has over 20 features
The looks 4.5* does definitely look like a mini
durability 4* is strong anyway AND has 2 impact absorbers