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Introduction: Knex Dual Turret Assault Bow

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 The much anticipated "Shanti" bow, or the D-TAB (dual-turret assault bow) is finally here.  The D-TAB is a shot bow, meaning that is is a bow/crossbow that shoots more than one shot at a time.  The unique thing about this shot bow however, is that it uses turrets, making for maximum range and power.  It also utilizes the first compound bow system that I have seen in knex, giving the firing pin an extra "thrust" as it accelerates towards the turrets.  The design of the bow was inspired by S0lekill3r's oodammo shotbow, as you can see that the barrel, firing pin, and ram guide are almost identical to his.  I also used Knexfreek's trigger, which I happen to really like, but there are many different triggers you can use with this gun.  As you saw with the forum pictures, the turrets were tilting, and I had no idea why.  When I took the bow apart for the instructable and put it back together again, there was no more tilt.  Weird but I'm happy with it.  That made the gun much more accurate.  This is by far the best weapon I have ever made out of knex and if you make it, you you will feel the same.  Imagine dual wielding tr-8s with one hand...yeah.  

Don't forget to comment and rate-as KSC says, "It only takes a couple seconds"

-Dual turrets
-Compound bow system
-Textured fore-grip
-Quick reload
-Awesome range and power
-Perfect for wars (my main)

-Tricky to wind
-Safety kind of makes the handle uncomfortable, but you don't need it

-S0lekill3r for the barrel, ram/pin, ram guide
-Knexfreek for the trigger (I modded it a little to make it compatible with the safety)

Feel free to upload pictures of yours-I am trying to get all of the ones people have made and show them on the ible


Step 1: The Stock

 I know its kind of bulky but its sturdy and gets the job done.  If you have a problem with it make your own, just make sure the top part is the same.

1) The stock
2) Inner plates-make these
3) Connect them with a blue rod
4) Make two outer plates (notice that one has blue rods along the top)
5) Make these
6) Make this
7) Another view
8) Add the things you made in the last two steps like so (when adding the things you mage on step 5 make sure the one with the grey connectors on both ends is in the middle)
9) Attach inner plates
10) Attach second outer plate
11) Attach blue rods in these spots 

Step 2: Handle and Trigger

 This is the handle.  There are a couple rods sticking out that may make it uncomfortable but I just put some things (I dont know what they're called) and it helps a little.  The safety also makes the handle uncomfortable, but you don't have to have it.

1) The handle with trigger
2) The trigger-make this
3) Handle plates-make these
4)  Make this
5) Attach handle plates with the piece you just made, making sure the plate with the 3d connector is in the middle
6) Make these
7) Add the ones with the rods on them to the bottom and the ones without the rods just above
8) Attach trigger
Optional: safety
9) Make this
10) Put here
11) Attach Y connectors

Step 3: Foregrip

 This is a textured fore-grip, meaning that there are some ridges sticking out to make it mote grippable.  You don't have to add the textured part of you don't want to, but you will have to figure out some other way to make the fore-grip sore sturdy.

1) Textured fore-grip
2) Fore-grip plates-make these
3) Make this
4) Attach here
5) Textured pieces-make these
6) Attach here using white rods

Step 4: Barrel

 This is a dual barrel developed by S0lekill3r for his shot bow.  

1) The barrel
2) Barrel plates-make these (notice that one has blue rods sticking out of it
3) Make these
4) Notice that the yellow (or in my case gray) connectors are broken-you may be able to replace these with gray/purple 3d connectors but I haven't tried it
5) Put the pieces you just made here
6) Put plate with yellow/gray connector at the end in the middle
7) Put the rest of what you made in step 3 on
8) Cover with plate
9) Make this
10) Attach it

Step 5: The Bow

 This is the compound bow.  The instructions may be a little hard to understand, but if you need any help, ask me.

1) The bow
2) Pivoting sections-make these and put them aside for now
3) Make these pieces
4) Attach them like this (may be hard to see where they go but that was the best angle I could get)
5) Make these
6) Attach them like so

Step 6: Turrets and Ram

 Most of you probably know how to make the turret, but heres just a quick refresher.  Also-S0lekill3r's ram.

1) Make 8 or these
2) Make these
3) Attach them to the first wheel
4) Attach second wheel
5) Make ram

Repeat steps 1-4

Step 7: Put It All Together

 Putting all the pieces together-your getting there.

1) Get the handle and the fore-grip
2) Attach them
3) Attach barrel
4) Attach stock
5) Closer view
6) Get these
7) Put them here
8) Attach bow
9) Make these
10) Attach turrets
11) Insert ram

Step 8: Add Rubber Bands

 The turret is the most difficult thing to add rubber bands to.  The rubber band used for it is really long but tying two normal ones together should work.  The rest is pretty simple.

1) Attach enough rubber bands on the shown portion of the gun so that it stays in the shown position until the pin is pulled back
2) Hook rubber bands on the bow as shown
3) Hook around pin and hook on the other bow
4)Hook your rubber band on the turret
5) Rotate turret downwards a couple times, making the band goes over the blue rods, not under
6) Guide band around black rod and hook on other turret
7) Repeat step 5 for other turret and your ready to shoot!

You are done with the Dual Turret Assault bow!  This will be one of the best guns you have ever made.  Guaranteed.  Thanks for building and don't forget to rate and comment.

Heres a video of how to wind the turrets:

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5 years ago

on picture 5 on the stock with the 3 long lines of orange connectors, could someone give more pictures of how it attaches to the stock? I know it slides onto the blue rods however I'm not sure what side the grey connectors go.


Reply 5 years ago

Sorry, don't worry. I built it and will post a picture in a minute! my fingers are genuinely bleeding :/


5 years ago

Oh my God. I'm making this when I destroy my ball machine.

Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime

11 years ago on Step 6

WAAAAYYYY too many gray connectors.


Reply 11 years ago on Step 6

 I know! I had to take apart my hellslayer to make the turrets.


Reply 10 years ago on Step 6

hellslayer is an awesome gun!


10 years ago on Introduction

This is one of my favorite guns on this site! I've just made your Kinetic rifle, so would need to take that apart to be able to make this again :/


10 years ago on Introduction

Hey, here I am again. I'd like to say once more, this is an excellent gun. I have built three of these now; one for myself, one for a friend, and one for another firend. Very nice gun, good reliability especially, although I do not like the way the bands on the turret fit.

Although the gun works very well with our current Knex war rules (you can get hit 5 times before you're out, which means that with the DTAB it only takes 3 shots actually) and its reliability is keen, I did figure out I could not win many wars with it. With so little shots, I could not afford to miss very often. That is why I am modding this weapon now.

I am trying to place two 18-shots turrets on front instead. It will be difficult though, and I surely hope the accuracy and reliability will be affected. I could also take it to the extremes with a 36 shots turret, in case I really never want to reload anymore. That'd be lol, although it would probably be too heavy to be comfortable.

(Or I could go for a proper mag like FVB, although I am not sure about the reliability of such a magazine.)


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Glad you and your friend like it! I know it isn't as well equipped for a war as other guns, but once I am done with my semi auto, I plan to revisit this gun and give it a SwagBoss-like trigger, giving it two separate shots (or one dual shot) each time the ram is pulled back, as well as modify the turret mounts so that they wind in the same way that Killerk's most recent TR does.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

I have constructed the Swagboss as well, and I must warn you here. Because the Swagboss uses two firing pins, bands must be arranged on both sides of the gun. This causes the firing pins to bend a lot, reducing power and accuracy. Personally I'd go for a single firing pin every day.

Also, I am uncertain wheter the bow would continue to work when bands could only be arranged on one side at a time.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

My solution for that would be to set up 2 pulleys, one for each pin, that would direct the bands in a forward direction for a certain distance and then each pin to its own half of the bow.


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Hm, yes, that sounds like it could work.

very good gun, except i don't like having to redo the rubberbands every time i finish the turret, so i modded it to make it a mag!


10 years ago on Introduction



Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Haha thank you! Let me know if you have any questions.

Benjamin Grover
Benjamin Grover

11 years ago on Step 8

i have built the gun it is awesome. right now i have got 2 thick rubber bands tied together which makes one long one. but when i put another one on, the yellow connector of the firing pin where there is the blue spacers on the white rod that bit breaks. please reply