Introduction: Knex Guns ( My Ideas + Concepts ) :D

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just basically an instructable that im going to keep adding to , its just ideas / guns ive made and thaught were half decent -
most of theese will probaly never be posted , however if there is something that stands out for you i'll see what i can do :D

i know its a right pain in the cheek , but all my videos are done off my blackberry , so to watch them your gonah have to either download them , or right click -> open with
and then pick your video watching software
there made to be used with VLC media player , so if you dont have that i cant garentee theyl work :S
there are no viruses or anything like that attached to them , but if you still dont trust me i will personally take the blame for anything bad that happenes related to my videos :D

there we go then

Step 1: Break - Barrel Grenade Pistol

Basically my take on ' ye olde'  flare pistol
one shot , pull ram --> break barrel --> load 'shell' --> clip barrel back --> FIRE!!!

The video attached is of this gun loading + shooting
Please watch it before you say " BAHHHH this guns bloody terrible BAHHHH "
or something to that effect
its actually better than it looks
out of 10 , i give it a 7 because it has amazing power , fairly good range but is still only a concept and im sure much could be done to improve on it

Step 2: Old Fationed Flintlock Pistol

Apsolutley TERRIBLE lookswize , however due to it being a slingshot its range and power are neally unbeatable for any pistol of its size

this was my go at a Ridicously powerful , yet VERY VERY compact and peice efficent side arm , my first thaught of a pistol in this class was a g18 that looked AMAZING - unfortunatly it just wasnt powerfull enough and therefore failed its puropse XD
so this is what i tured out with , originally it didnt have the flintlock-esc handle or mech but i decided to put them on when i'd built the gun to make it slightly less terrible :L

again out of 10
i'd say a flat 6 , becuase it sucks in looks , but is AMAZING in range + power , however there are better guns for what its meant to do

Again PLEASE watch the video first? :D

Step 3: K'nex LMG

ahhhh , the light support MG
inspired ( of course ) by jorge in halo reach - my charater , ive allways been the heavy support man out of my group of mates , regardless of the game / occasion . so it seems Bungie have answered my prayers and gave me a character with a LMG !!!!!! XD

Right , well - this is made to be a model ( not shooting )
but i decided to give it a medium powered slingshot mech just so it doesnt complety suck eggs

possibly one of my favorite guns ive ever made purely because its so so fun!

out of 10 , 9 - because it looks awesome ( in my opoinion ) and is sooooo fun to mess about with , however if somebody would like to put an actual machine gun mech in it i would probably love them forever XD ( i joke ofc )
but nahh if anbody would like to please be my guest

Yet another video ( please watch ? ;P )

Step 4: Stuff That Doesnt Have Enough Pictures / Videos to Be a Full Step

well , heres a collection of random videos + pictures i had left over from a while ago
im not sure who some of the ideas are taken from , so please dont be offended if you see your "base" weapon on here , beause what i do with alot of guns is build someone elses ( usually a rifle ) and strip it down , shorten it + de-stock it and turn it into a SMG
so sorry if theres anything of anyone elses on here :S
i think its all mine apart from the G36C
but just to be safe yaknoo :P