Introduction: Knex IPod Camera Stablelizer

About: I love to make. Especially when I'm making with my hands and not power tools.
I made this just out of the blue for some fun. This will stable the camera. Ps I didn't know how how to spell stableizer or whatever assemble as shown.

Step 1: Lets Begin

The body is simple. You will need 5 gray rods. 2 yellow connectors. 2 blue. 2 gray. 2 red rods. 1 orange connector


Seriously do I need words. You need two red rods. Connect as shown. See easy

Step 3: Swinging Arms

Again easy 2 yellow rods and 2 orange things.(:

Step 4: Cradle Bottom

You will need 1 orange 2 blue 2 gray and purple things. After that add arms on top too make a swinging action

Step 5: Cradle Sides (almost Done)

You will need two of these

Step 6: Assembly

Add the sides on the yellow rods. Then add to base.

Step 7: Your Done

Put iPod in cradle record and have fun!!!!!0