Introduction: K'nex K'nife

About: I like Knex and Music and Minecraft. So that's all I do.

I was recently looking at some knex assassins creed hidden blade designs and they gave me the inspiration for this. this is also my fist k'nex knife i have ever done.

Step 1: Parts List

Small black rods 16
White/ silver rods 8
orange connectors 5
grey 2 way connector 1
grey 5 way connector 11
dark grey connector 4
green connector 1
Y clips 10
elastic band 1

Step 2: The Sides

Just make whats in the pictures

Step 3: The Blade


Step 4: Put It All Together

make whats in the pictures

Step 5: Put on the Elastic Band

the title says it all

Step 6: Done!

Thats it. you are done! Enjoy your knifing!