Knex L22A2 Carbine

Introduction: Knex L22A2 Carbine

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This is the l22A2/L85 ive been working on. Its got some major flaws in the stock on how it attaches and its not secure at one point. Its fairly similar to the M16a4/a2 in how the mech work but obviously to have it fit the stock i had to change some stuff. It's also pretty close to life size and its pretty light and piece efficient for its size. I might post it cause its pretty cool but its kind of akward to load cause the ram doesn't have much of a guide and you can pull back to far really easily.
So tell me what you think of it or any suggestions you'd have.
Also i should hopefully be getting the M16 up soon and i might try making a pan magazine or drum magazine next cause i had an idea for the feed system and it works just gotta finish it. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Eugh. I love that weapons system, and this doesn't really do it justice. Sorry.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It's fine I know its not really the best looking gun. The back was really hard to try and get that akward angle on it like the real one has.


    i can see M16..but where did the ak-74u and mp5 come from?Also how is it generic if its a model?