Introduction: Knex Luger Replica (posted)

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hello, here is my luger posted.
(sorry it was a week late, but I was very busy)

If anyone needs extra photo's just ask, and now to the pro's and cons

-(IMO) the best LOOKING luger on this site
- working knee-joint (but has no function)
- shoots grey connectors
- comfy
-although in the instructable some broken parts are shown none are needed

- bad range (may be fixed by adding extra rubber bands)
- to shoot you have to remove a part of the front barrel.......
- some (with me very few) shots jam

okay so first of all I know the handle instruction is a bit though (when I uploaded the photos some dissappeared?)

Step 1: Handle

Okay if you have any trouble just ask

Step 2: Barrel

This is the barrel
read the notes they are (sometimes) important

Step 3: Trigger

This is the trigger the broken yellow rod is as long as a blue rod,
I had accidentally broken a yellow so  I used that one for comfort.

Step 4: Ram Rod and Mag Push

As easy as possible
the orange rod is as long as a grey/black rod so the longest (normal) rod

Step 5: Adding Everything

Well, we're finally there adding everything