Introduction: Knex Pistol Without Rubberband

Very simple decently reliable. Takes 5 min to build if your that bad with connects.

shoots on average 15 feet

reload time is short
can hold in sleeve
aim is doorway size at full range

two hands

Step 1: Collect

You will need:
6 green rods
1 blue rod
1 white connector
4 dark grey connectors
4 orange connectors
1 yellow connector
1 yellow rod
1 red/grey rod (I used grey)

Step 2: 6 Greens & the White Connector

Connect the 6 green rods around the white connector

Step 3: Grey Rod & 2 Orange Connectors

Connect the two orange connectors onto the grey/red rod facing the same way

Step 4: Blue Rod & Yellow Connector

Connect the blue rod to the orange connectors. Then put the yellow connector on either side of the blue rod.

Step 5: Connect

Put the white connector on the side that the yellow connector is on

Step 6: 2 Grey Connectors

Place the two grey connectors so that they hold they white connector to the edge of the grey rod

Step 7: 2 Grey and Yellow Rod

Slip the yellow rod through the grey piece to hold it in place the use the other greys to hold it to make sure it doesn't slip out.

Step 8: 2 Orange

place 2 orange connectors on each side of the yellow rod

Step 9: Shift

Shift them into the nook made by the green rods

Step 10: Align & Fire

Align the yellow connector with the green rod in the middle the push on the end of the blue piece and..... FIRE!