Introduction: Knex Pistol With Sear System

this is a pretty powerful (20 feet with one #64 rubberband)knex pistol i made using the trigger and sear system in a similar way shown in my previous instructable. The red connectors on the back of the gun aren't in the pic but theyre in the instructions.


2 red
1 tan (rigid)
8 blue
15 white
26 green

4 white
2 blue
20 yellow
4 green
14 red
2 light grey
2 orange
11 dark grey clips
2 tan clips
2 special black arm things

3 #64 rubberbands (preferred)

Step 1: Body

make 2 of these

Step 2: Trigger System

From left to right:

Trigger, Sear, and safety

Step 3: Handle

enter longer description for this step

Step 4: Trigger Reseter

this is a simple piece that will insure the trigger goes back to its resting position with the addition of a rubberband (later in the instructable)

Step 5: Barrel

sorry it's so bright pretty simple there's only two blue washers, one on either side, and there's six dark grey connectors 3 on either side.

Step 6: Firing Pin


Step 7: Putting It All Together and Rubberband Attachment


For pic 2 and 3 you'll need to attach these pieces (pic 1)where shown dont attach the second dark grey connector yet (it's not letting me put image notes)

In pic 2 the safety is inserted into the (top) half of the gun in the white connector (to the left)in pic 4 put both sides together don't let anything fall out (this may be hard)

Pic 4 shows the rubberband that resets the trigger start from where shown and put the band on the red connectors in the front (you may need to to take the blue rods off by the trigger)

Pic 5,6,7 should be easy and show you where the rubberband for the sear is placed

Pics 8 and 9 show how the barrel is attached with the firing pin in the barrel as well

Finnally step 10 the rubberband on the firing pin (easy)

Step 8: Loading and Firing

to load the gun all you have to do is stick a rod down the front of the barrel (white or green works best) but anything you can fit will do. After you've loaded the gun pull the firing pin back, the bottom of the tan clip on the firingpin will catch the sear and lock in, now all you have to do is pull the trigger(may require a little force depending on the strngth of the firing pin rubberband)and watch it fly.