Knex 'quarter Arm' Ball Lift/element Hybrid

Introduction: Knex 'quarter Arm' Ball Lift/element Hybrid

About: I'm into knex ball machine stuff. My favourite parts are lift/element hybrids, probably because I tried building a perpetual ball machine. It didn't work, of course. All my knex stuff is creative common, and …

This element acts as a quarter arm lift to another track.

Step 1: The Base

As usual, the base is basic.

Step 2: Next Layer

This goes on top of the base. Note the white connectors and the orange connectors.

Step 3: Counterweight

This will hang off the orange connectors.

Step 4: Outwards Scaffolding (part 1)

Some parts that will sit on the side.

Step 5: Lift Entrance Track

This will sit on the outward scaffold, which holding the ball before entering the lift.

Step 6: Adding This

Put the previous 2 steps on the side of what built so far.

Step 7: Outward Scaffold Part 2

This bit will make sure the element drops down far enough.

Step 8: Arm

There are 2 'hands' in the arm, one for the element and one for the lift.

Step 9: Further Scaffold

This scaffold will hold the entrance track for the element and the exit track for the lift.

Step 10: Lift Exit Track

Can be modified; here's an easy example.

Step 11: Element Entrance Track

Here's an easy example of an entrance track. Can be modified.

Good job, you're done.

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