Knex Rocket Launcher K.P.R.L. (Koenykoen's Portable Rocket Launcher)

Introduction: Knex Rocket Launcher K.P.R.L. (Koenykoen's Portable Rocket Launcher)

About: hy i am koen

This is my newest creation called the KPRL, i give 50% credit to viccie.b1993 for the barrel, it shoots a flat rocket pretty far(40-55 feet depends on rubberbands and how stable the upper barrel is) Its just a awsome feel when you shhhhshsshhooottt the rocket launcherrrr!! :D lets go on to the stats!!!

(10) pros:
+ 2 vertical handles
+ trigger on the front
+ shoots pretty far
+ very powerfull
+ cool sights
+ shoots 40-55 feet with the ROCKET
+ has a top and bottom barrel for 1 rocket
+ not a far pull back trigger(true trigger)
+ cool looks
+ the rocket has 2 rods on it and both rods pierce cardboard at 10 feet

(4) cons:
- on some places uncomfortable
- little heavy
- sights are on the left so you aim like left of where the rocket comes
- reloading takes 15 secs

This is a dangerous weapon so im not responsible for injuries bla bla bla, and dont shoot at people or animals (people are animals but o well i say it because some people don't know). And uuuhh keep an eye on your television (it means don't shoot at it).

Step 1: Hande's and Trigger Mech

2 handles, its like from the RPG-7.

Step 2: The Stock

the stock

Step 3: Front and Little Cross

front and little cross for the 2x #64 rubberbands

Step 4: Barrel

for very detailed instructions for this barrel go to viccie.b1993's H.A.W.C :D. I have credits for this barrel in the description.

Step 5: Ammo and Rubberbands

Just the rocket (11 pcs) and the rubberband placing (3 #64's) . (pic 7 = down the sights), pic 2: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: SAND THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF YOU RED AND YELLOW CONNECTOR ON THE ROCKET MUCH; it makes it slide better in the barrel and TRIPLES THE RANGE!!@!@!@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Loading and Shoot'n!

This is the fun part! you like it? O and also tell me if you got an idea for a mod or explosive rocket.

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    5 years ago

    I haven't built this (not enough k'nex) but it does look really good. I wouldn't have thought of making it bullpup. The only thing I would improve is the trigger itself and the handles. Everybody has trouble with making good handles, but Masterdude has some good handles you could use for inspiration. Apart from the handles, it looks excellent. How did you get so much range on it?


    6 years ago

    i wonder how many ppl have made this


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah it is actually an advantage so if I would have wrote this I would edit it a little. But still a Great idea.

    The gun looks alright, but the sights being on the left isn't really a disadvantage - after all, with traditional sights you're aiming ABOVE where the shots will actually hit