Knex Tow Truck Updated *again*

Introduction: Knex Tow Truck Updated *again*

About: If you want pictures of my cars or want some info about them , message me , a lot of my cars have been changed to look and work better but new pictures of them are not on the site , i have not and wont update …

this is my truck or tow truck that represents my truck in real life that has a buggy rack on it..i do have a trailer that will hold some of my cars on it and hooks to the truck

for all of you that know what leaf springs are that hold up most truck front and back..those black zipp ties represent those..i have made them glue onto knex connecters and hold the front and back of my truck up.

i made a new rear end and removed the traction bars, added a fake block to the springs so it looks and acts like a real truck now

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    OK, I'll build that car on that trailer and then post you the feedback. then lets see what looks better.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    allright if im correct u cant use glue or cut pieces good luck


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Here's the pictures:
    Picture 1: Left side view
    Picture 2: Front view
    Picture 3: Right side suspension
    Picture 4: Independant suspension
    picture 5: Under carrage
    Picture 6: Right side view

    Picture 001.jpgPicture 003.jpgPicture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpgPicture 006.jpgPicture 007.jpg